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Our base services are suitable for any kind of startup in it’s initial phase wanting to expand it’s reach and create new customer base for their product or services. 

Want to Grow & Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

In today’s era driving more traffic towards your business is hard than you can imagine. But the good thing is that proper branding and right set of tools can help you get started right away. We at InfyMark will help you get it right from the beginning with proper set of Designed Marketing Material, WordPress Website or if needed a well defined Social Media Strategy. 

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Branding & Identity Design

Your identity design is your representative, let it efficiently speak for you; give us a chance to craft your brand identity for you.

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Won’t you be relieved if you are freed from every time describing your brand characteristics and functionality to your clients? Isn’t it exciting to know that the colors, strokes, shapes of your brand’s design can entirely speak out for you on your behalf? Your logo, your business card or your brochure can leave your prospective customers way too impressed and crazy over you, since your brand design is your very-very first impression on the huge-huge competitive world out there. The friendliness of your logo will help you find long-lasting associations. The minimalism of your brand’s design language will be a magnet to attract those iron-hard sponsors. Pitching your company’s ideas to sponsors and customers without really putting an effort into the process, the process of expanding yourself into a constructive, wealthy tree will blissfully bare sweet fruits. So save some energy and let your Brand Design do the Talking. You can depend on us to design Logos, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Identity Cards, E-Cards and other Graphic Designs for your Events, Ceremonies, Company, Startup or Brand.

Social Media Management

Let your residence on social media be a phenomenal and grand one. Trust us with making you shine on Facebook and Instagram.

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Are you ready with a new company or product and want the world to know about it ? Are you wanting to call people from around the earth to your restaurant, hotel, school, university or a variety of events ? Do you want to sell your stock of products, tickets or services ? Are you yourself a professional who needs to be known and needs to seek clientele ? We can drive necessary actions by advertising you, your service or your product on social media. Get social media users to know you, your service or product, get them interested, engaged and convert prospective customers and clients into actual customers and clients.

Workshops & Training

Learn about new tools and techniques from young dreamers and believers. We will keep you updated with new technologies on the go.

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We are a group of young dreamers and doers, hence we are always on the run to learn something new. We hold knowledge of tools, hacks and techniques to efficiently manage responsive sites, paid social media campaigns and graphic design. Our aim is to share this knowledge of ours with new age entrepreneurs and help them do these things by their own. We’ve been seeing this vision of a happy India, so full of satisfied entrepreneurs working on their start-up and building it step-by-step, bit-by-bit everyday. Thus, our InfyMark Academy works both online and offline to cater to visionary, curious souls by teaching them about Technology, Digital Literacy, Financial Management, Startup Compliance’s through online courses, training, quizzes, online video modules. Contact us today to get more information and the best will be tried to clear your doubts.

Premium WordPress Website

Let your website promote you 24*7 & 365 days a year. Choose us if you want a premium & responsive WordPress site for your Business. 

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Your website is your representative, your residence, your workplace, your virtual office that is open 24 x 7 for 365 days on the World Wide Web; make sure your representative truly and effectively reflects you, your business, your brand and what you offer to the world. It is a medium between your prospective client and customer who can literally visit you ‘anytime’ from ‘anywhere’. Your website is the virtual road that will ultimately bring people to you; make sure that that road is smooth-and-straight.  

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