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About Us

Get to know more about our ideas and values which drive us to strive for a better tomorrow. We are not the first and we surely won’t be the last in line to make a difference in this world, but we are here to inspire others to do what they love or to love what they do.

About Us

We’re the link between your magnificent dream business, your career and yourself. We’re a family of dedicated and committed creative people who are connected by work ethics and discipline, if not by blood. Every working hour we connect for work, just like a family gathers for an evening cup of tea. We discuss how your journey can be made better and smooth just like a family discusses ideas at the dining table.

We’ve always dreamt of expanding our lovely little constructive family into a dynamic and  holistic creative workforce that works from anywhere around the world with utmost honesty & heartfelt joy.

Also we wake up every morning with the dream and determination to teach, train and guide the world about how their life can be made better through the knowledge of Entrepreneurship & Finance via our Online Academy.

We have plans to make India a nation where youth is equipped with knowledge of entrepreneurship, business, finance & digital world; wherein each adult is able to take his/her business online, manage his/her finances by themselves and break physical barriers to crack deals for expansion of their respective ventures or Start-Ups, since we believe in the full potential of a digital world and how it can be brought into use for the betterment of society in the long run.

What We Do

We’re instrumental in effective, efficient and communicative Brand and Identity Designing for genuinely interested and careful clients; adding a cherry on top of the cake, we’re also involved into Premium WordPress SSL-Certified Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance. To make your journey a cake-walk we also offer Social Media Marketing and shout you out to the world for you. 

Garnering full use of digital technology, our InfyMark Academy is constantly making efforts to and has already taught and trained adult individuals about entrepreneurship, business, finance & digital world through online workshops, online courses and quizzes; in turn making their lives even better in the long run. InfyMark Academy is a resource and/or online academy for those individuals who have visions and ideas for a better tomorrow for themselves but do not know how to go about manifesting those visions into reality in today’s technology-oriented, ever-changing, competitive world.

Mission Statement

We strive to create work opportunity for artists and individuals who are genuinely, passionately willing to work even if they’re bound to work from home due to any possible reasons. We plan to be a family, a team, a workforce that believes in quality of work for our own satisfaction even before the customer’s satisfaction.

We at InfyMark ultimately want to be a group of only those unique individuals who are bold and interested enough to put a step forward and work in spite of our hardships.

Being such a group we want to deliver services with heartfelt joy and effort with the blend of client’s input and support. Everything in the world is actually grey, thus, we’ve been wanting to create a world that sticks to this fact, remains honest to the client and makes realistic promises.

Our Values

  • We are open about what we do and how we do it.
  • We believe in sharing what we learn which helps us to build trust.
  • We believe transparency to be the first step towards accountability.
Honest Relationship and Communication
  • We always put our thoughts clearly in the decision process.
  • We put more efforts to create healthy communication rather than making the assumptions.
  • We believe honest communication to be the way to gain trust both on individual and on organizational levels.
  • We promise to be with you on your journey towards expanding your sapling like business into a tree, till the end of the process.
Realistic Promises
  • We realize the value of a promise; thus, we intend to be realistic and practical as far as our work is concerned.
  • There is no way in which we will give an impractical commitment to a client about being able to accomplish a task that is beyond our capability.
Priority to Quality
  • Any day you will find us prioritizing quality of work over the quantity of work that we handle.

What We Do Best

Graphic Design

Instagram Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Local SEO

Content Writing

Online Training

WordPress Site

Email Marketing

Company Legal Details:

Company Name: InfyMark Solutions (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
CIN: U72900PN2018OPC178987
Company Status: Active | RoC: RoC-Pune
Registration Number: 178987

This Company is Officially Recognized as Startup by Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion.

Certificate No.: DIPP30591

Our Awesome Team

Barakha Udasi

Barakha Udasi

Operations Manager

Ashish Shegaonkar

Ashish Shegaonkar

Head Graphic Designer

Sana Syeda

Sana Syeda

Social Media Manager

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